Time passes by only memories

Time passes by only memories, memories will love forever remember the teacher, friends love, will still remember the angry, remember the time to break, the expected time To be rested or to have a pleasant break and the memory of the time spent studying this Grammar class. ” I remember, when I entered the classroom I saw an atmosphere unfamiliar to people, seats are much empty so you must not yet to class. There may be some of my friends who have met in previous courses, so it’s easier for me to catch you. More than half of the class I contacted should be somewhat confused. And my teacher, Mr. Henry – whom I met many times but now has the opportunity to learn. Mr. Henry connected all members of the class into a solidarity bloc. Three months together spent the school hours tired, tears, happy enough … really have a lot of nostalgia. By his experience and knowledge, Mr. Henry told us that it is not difficult to speak English, just to grasp the grammatical structure, the application is able to use that language proficiency. When the student is absent from school, he sends a text message and also sends his knowledge and videos to the students so that they will not lose their knowledge on that day. Mr. Henry carefully asked the trainees where there is no understanding, lecturing the students very meticulous. In addition, the teacher also celebrates the birthday of the members of the class, open the music for students to listen and buy food for students in the early hours. Homework is cured and explained very specifically. Now the members of the class are very solid, help each other and no one anymore. For myself, this grammar class 3 is like a miniature family, there is a Mr.. Henry is extremely gentle and humorous and also has a mother Mss. Ha Thanh extremely well. Besides, there are also enthusiastic tutors with the whole class. Although it is about to end the course, but in my knowledge that this grammar class 3 will never end, it will remain in the hearts of these members, this grammar class 3 will forever remain unfinished . I love my grammar class … And if you know English and can use it as your second language, it really changes your life. Because when you know English, it means you have opened up a great opportunity to reach the culture and knowledge of mankind in a faster, more open way. That will make your life interesting and even change your mind about your life, your people and your career path. If you are worried or depressed at first, do not want to learn this subject, I just want to remind you to learn to go and you will find its interesting ☘️☘️☘️☘️
P/s: bài viết của e hơi lủng củng ạ…

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